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    Welcome to [ Wuxi Funecon Precision Mould Plastic Co., Ltd. ] website! Home| Sitemap| Email
    Moulding Your Future


    About Us Professional mold design and manufacturing, plastic injection molding factory
    Wuxi Funecon Precision Mould Plastic Co., Ltd.

    Wuxi Funecon Precision Mould Plastic, located in Wuxi city, two hours' drive from Shanghai.

    We design and manufacture moulds & plastic injection products for many industries, such as door & window systems, RFID, medical instruments, appliances, electronics, automotive, telecommunications, LED lights, textile machinery and household products, etc.

    We have injection machines range from 50 tons to 360 tons, materials used include ABS、ASA、PP、HDPE、LDPE、POM、PA6、PA46、PA66、PA612、PA+GF、PBT、PC、PC+ABS、PC+PBT、PMMA、PS、TPE、TPU、TPR、PPO、PPS, etc.

    All the moulds are designed and manufactured in house.

    Funecon have many experienced engineers for mould design, machining, process and quality assurance, to make...

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    Machines We have injection machines range from 50 tons to 360 tons
    News Customer satisfaction is the driving force of our unremitting efforts
    Contact Us Always treat each other with sincerity, always with gratitude, and long-term common development
    Contact Us

    Wuxi Funecon Precision Mould Plastic Co., Ltd

    Contact: MR. BILL YAN

    Phone: 0086-138 6185 1071?

    Fax: 0086-510-8855 0167

    URL: www.qihuo3.com

    E-mail: bill@funecon.com

    Add: No. 8, Jingfa Road 6, Shuofang, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

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